An Existential Crisis of Structure

Moving at high speed
Over metal planks that are wearing
The 737am from Glasgow Central
Its energy contained within them

The stillness lost for a split second
On this life-size brio set, aground
One part of a network of incisions
That unobtrusively connect our towns

But I have not laid down a finger
To engineer this feat of labour
I’m free to move freely between its carriages
Within reasonable standards of behaviour

The network of wires and rails
Screech through the past, thankless lines
Of migrants constructing despite the schedule
A late train constitutes wasted time

Educated, softly spoken. Not hardened
By labour. Heading to a convention
Cursing the network signal under our breath
Because we need instant gratification

Bright boys and girls drinking coffee
Surrounded by a cotton shroud
Where physical objects were once pertinent
Now, we only understand the cloud

I couldn’t tell a cumulonimbus
From the faint ether of WIFI signal
The rain shall wash over my ignorance
But not over the invisible

Maybe each generation has its labourers
Leaders and guilty passives
Flummoxed by the specifics
Of difficult technical challenges

But it can only take us so far
In the pursuit of elusive zeal
I’m at the mercy of this technology
I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel

An Existential Crisis of Structure

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