Swimming in Plasma

I don’t really exist a person any more
But I have an online presence
I am a beta-version of myself
My mouth is an ethernet cable

It spews binary data
In a world of quantum mechanics
But as long as I’m plugged in
I flow, virtually, unaided

The luminous rectangle of pixels
That my eyes gaze at in awe
Work, play, or work that’s unpaid
I’m on here for the long haul

Checking every account I’ve ever held
Even those that’ve been dormant for years
But in order to maintain my image
My persona has to project my thoughts

But not the thoughts of my physical self
There must be distance between truth and fiction
An embellishment of the anecdote
The consumption must be consistent

Like any product, I am selling my assets
At an inflated market price
The great skill of the digital human
Is to leave the negatives behind

My ego comes alive when wired
With ideas greater than their human origin
I’ve outgrown this meek, tired body
I need a permanent space to proliferate in

One where synapses react to computer simulations
And hands reach beneath the plasma solution
Gazers, in this brave new world
Only seek to explore their surroundings

Streaming through endless reams of data
The online self achieves its omnipresence
Unless one mortal player
Recoils at their mortal subordination

But they’d have to slash through each cable
As though it were a newborns umbilical cord
And as we number over 7 Billion
The task requires a coherent revolution

My body may still be mortal
But its online essence conveys its half-truths
An afterlife of egotists and liars
At least the Gods we created will have proof

Swimming in Plasma

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